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When you have a Medicare Advantage plan from Priority Health, you can see any doctor or specialist in our network without a referral. And you can go to out-of-network doctors, too. Except for emergencies or urgent care, using out-of-network doctors and hospitals just costs a little more.

If you're shopping for a Priority Health Medicare Advantage plan and want to see if your doctor, specialist, hospital or pharmacy is in our network, use the quick search tool below.

Enter your ZIP & all or part of your doctor, hospital or pharmacy name:


If you don't see your doctor, pharmacy or hospital, you can find a more comprehensive list at Find a Doctor

More about our network

  • You can go to any doctor or hospital, but you'll save money when you use our network.
  • Doctors and hospitals may join and leave our Medicare network throughout the year. You'll get the most current list by using the tool above.
  • A booklet of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, labs and other health care providers in the Priority Health Medicare Advantage network is also available as a PDF. 
    North region (2.8MB PDF) 
    East region (2.8MB PDF) 
    South region (3MB PDF) 
    Southeast region (3.1MB PDF) 
    West region (2.9MB PDF)

Medigap plan shopping?

If you're shopping for a Medigap plan, you don't need to use Find a Doctor because there is no network - you can see any doctor who accepts Medicare.

Learn more about our Medicare Advantage plan network.

You'll need a recent version of Adobe® Reader software to view and print PDF files. Download it free now! 

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