Why you should participate with Medicaid

Payments for Medicaid care have risen significantly in recent years.

Caring for Medicaid patients is less demanding and more rewarding, since Priority Health Medicaid network providers and patients receive a full range of services and support from Priority Health. See all the reasons, resources and results, below.

There are more Medicaid patients now than ever before. Think of offering care to Medicaid-eligibles as a way to keep your practice strong in this economy. Patients will appreciate your continued care. Once they're reemployed, they'll be more likely to stay with you.

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How Priority Health makes offering Medicaid easier

  • More administrative support lightens paperwork and ensures claims are paid faster
  • Use processes and tools from Priority Health that you already know, including 24/7 online access to patient eligibility, copays, deductibles, claims information and our Provider Manual
  • Coordination with ancillary programs ensures that you get full reimbursement for services you provide
  • Incentive payments through our PCP Incentive Program (PIP) are available for Medicaid patient care

Your patients get the support they need ...

  • In-Michigan transportation coordinators assure appointments are kept
  • Our representatives work directly with your patients to improve their understanding of their responsibilities
  • Nurse case managers coordinate the care you prescribe
  • Disease management programs improve patient health
  • Behavioral Health specialists provide support for a holistic, integrated approach to health

... so they show up, follow care regimens, and stay healthier.

When your patients feel supported, the results are great - for them, and for you.

  • Exceptional member satisfaction, resulting in fewer questions and complaints directed to you and your staff
  • Fewer Emergency Room visits compared with other plans
  • Fewer "no shows" than with other plans
  • Better compliance - Priority Health Medicaid is ranked #1 in Michigan, according to NCQA.

Sign up to participate today

Providers who sign Medicaid contracts with Priority Health, a government-approved health plan, can offer services to patients who are Priority Health Medicaid members.

Check our credentialing information, or the Provider Enrollment Lifecycle team and we'll help you get connected.

Last modified: 11/1/2016
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