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Immunizations under Medicare Parts B & D

Coverage for routine preventive immunizations

Medicare Part B, the medical benefit, always covers 3 routine immunizations:

  • Pneumococcal pneumonia (PPV)
  • Influenza
  • Hepatitis B when the member is at intermediate or high risk for contracting Hepatitis B

In addition, Part B may from time to time cover preventive immunizations for diseases endemic in the U.S.

Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit, covers all other routine preventive immunizations, except for those to prevent the diseases endemic to the U.S. mentioned above.

Members can get routine Part D vaccinations at a Vaccine Network pharmacy. Vaccine Network Pharmacies are indicated by a "V" before their name in the Pharmacy Directory.

Exception for immunization after exposure to disease

Priority Health Medicare follows Medicare guidelines found under WPS-Medicare Local Coverage Determination (LCD) L31084 at According to L31084, the immunizations listed below are covered by Medicare Part B when:

  • There has been direct exposure of the associated disease to the patient, and
  • There is significant risk that the patient could contract the disease as a result of the exposure.

Coverage applies ONLY to:

  • Hepatitis A (CPT codes 90632, 90633, 90634)
  • Immune globulin subject to the requirements of L30147, Immune Globulins
  • Rabies prophylaxis (CPT codes 90675, 90676)
  • Tetanus and diphtheria toxoids (CPT codes 90702, 90714, 90718)
  • Tetanus toxoid (CPT 90703)

For any other codes, you must provide Priority Health Medicare Advantage members a notice that the service is not covered, and bill with the GA modifier to show that notice was given. Learn more about Notices of Non-Coverage.

See also Billing for vaccines in this Manual.

Reimbursement for covered Part B immunizations

When submitting claims for covered Part B vaccines or immunizations, follow L31084 billing rules. 

Billing for administration under Part B

Do NOT use 90471 or 90472 when billing for the administration. These services will deny as not covered and go to provider liability. 

Use these Medicare-specific HCPCS codes for administration:

  • G0008 – Administration of influenza virus vaccine
  • G0009 – Administration of pneumococcal vaccine
  • G0010 – Administration of Hepatitis B vaccine
  • G9141 – Administration of Influenza A (H1N1) vaccine

Additional information is available at the CMS website.

Review the CMS Tip Sheet: Medicare Drug Coverage Under Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D.

Reimbursement for covered Part D immunizations

A member can get these immunizations at a Vaccine Network pharmacy for his or her Part D prescription drug benefit copay. At a physician office, the member owes 100% of the cost of the vaccine and administration.

Vaccine administration services are not reimbursed under the Medicare Part D program.

If a member asks a physician/physician office to provide a Part D Medicare-covered immunization:

  1. Let the member know that the immunization is not covered under Part B but is covered under Part D.
  2. Advise member of two options:
    • Going to a Vaccine Network pharmacy, where they will pay less out of pocket, usually just their Part D copay, or
    • Obtaining in your office where member will owe full charge.
  3. If the member still chooses to receive the vaccination in your office, you may either collect the cost of the vaccine plus administration fee at time of service or bill the member later. If you are going to bill the member later, tell the member he/she will receive a separate bill for this service showing he/she is 100% responsible for the cost of the vaccine and its administration.
  4. Submit a claim with the appropriate modifier (GA) to show you told member he/she was responsible for the charge. This claim will deny as member liability allowing you to bill the member if you have not collected the money at time of service. Your claim will also allow us to coordinate with Part D. We will issue an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to the member explaining that the vaccine or drug is covered under Part D. We will then coordinate submission of the claim to our pharmacy benefits manager (PBM).
  5. Our PBM will pay the member for the cost of the vaccine only after it takes out the member's cost-share.

Last modified: 5/15/2014
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