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MIChild health insurance

Priority Health Choice MIC

MIChild is health insurance for uninsured children of working families in Michigan. You can get MIChild from us and from other health care plans in Michigan. We are Priority Health Choice, Inc., and we began offering MIChild in 1998.

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What MIChild pays for

MIChild pays for everything listed below and more. Priority Health will give you the full list when your child joins MIChild.

What MIChild costs

You pay only $10 a month. Even if you have more than one child you pay only $10 a month. This may sound too good to be true, but MIChild really costs only $10 a month for your family.

Find out if you can get MIChild for your children

If you have no health insurance for your children and you are making a low income, you can apply for MIChild for your kids. Usually you can get MIChild if your children are:

  • U.S. citizens (some legal immigrants qualify)
  • Living in Michigan
  • Under 19 years old

Learn more about MIChild and apply

MIChild plan information

Your ID card will say Priority Health Choice MIC

Priority Health Choice MIC id front 

The State of Michigan doesn't allow us to put "MIChild" on your ID card. Priority Health Choice MIC is the name that shows you have MIChild coverage through us.

Find doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers

Use the "Find a Doctor" tool on this website to find doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care providers who take MIChild. You can search by name, by location (ZIP code, county or city), or many other options.

Find drugs covered by the MIChild plan

Learn how to use the MIChild plan

Read about how to use MIChild for your children and what this plan pays for.

MIChild coverage is offered through Priority Health Choice, Inc.
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Last modified: 7/24/2014
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