Health care reform toolkit for consumer advocates

Many consumers have questions about health reform and how it will affect them. Educating consumers — particularly those who are uninsured today — will be an important step in getting more people covered in 2014.

Priority Health is committed to assisting community stakeholders educate Michiganders about how they can get health insurance for 2014 and beyond. We've created these free resources which can be used to help consumers understand the changes coming in 2014 as a result of federal health reform. Please download these resources and share them with others.

Our toolkit includes:

PowerPoint presentation with script (5.3 MB PPT) – Our presentation explains the health reform basics and includes a script to guide presenters.

Health reform & you (video) – This 15-minute webcast provides information on what consumers need to know about the Affordable Care Act.

Health reform & you information sheet (773KB PDF) – Why reform? Do I have to get health insurance? These questions and others are answered in our information sheet. This 2-page PDF can be printed back-to-back. (Also available in Spanish.)

La reforma de salud y usted (773KB PDF) – Spanish-language version of Health reform & you information sheet.

Getting health insurance in 2014 (80KB PDF) – This one-page decision tree helps guide consumers on how they can get health insurance in 2014.

Frequently asked questions (800KB PDF) – Answers to the most common questions related to purchasing health insurance in 2014 are included in this document. This 2-page PDF can be printed back-to-back.

Subsidy chart (174KB) – Find out if your family is eligible for federal help to offset the cost of health insurance with this chart.

Is the Healthy Michigan Plan right for you? (1MB PDF) – An overview of Medicaid including how the Affordable Care Act affects eligibility. (Also available in Spanish.)

¿Medicaid es la opción adecuada para usted? (907KB PDF) – Spanish-language version of Is Medicaid right for you?

Buying insurance for you and your family  (142KB PDF) – Attend a MyPriority® information session to learn more about the insurance basics and how to pick the plan that is right for you.


We'd love to know what questions people are asking you, so we can add answers to our materials. Email us.

Last modified: 1/5/2015
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