Soon you'll be able to "comparison shop" for health care

(Grand Rapids, Mich. - April 11, 2013)

Soon you'll be able to shop for health care services the same way you shop for other expenses. Priority Health has signed a contract with Healthcare Blue Book to publish costs associated with more than 300 health care services most utilized by members of Priority Health.

The new health care cost estimator, which will be available in late summer, will allow Priority Health members to search by procedure, facility and physician and other criteria. For example, the cost of a knee arthroscopy may range from $1,751 to $6,087 between facilities. Healthcare Blue Book continuously analyzes this information to determine the current "Fair Price" for the procedure in each market. In this example, the Fair Price would be approximately $2,110. It then creates a list of facilities to help you compare the costs on a scale of "green" (at or below the fair price), "yellow" (slightly above the fair price) and "red" (most expensive).

The health care cost estimator tool will will also link to quality information and patient reviews so you can be fully informed before making a decision.


Life just got a little easier

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