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Autopay your premium each month

You can set up an automatic monthly electronic fund transfer (EFT) to pay your monthly premiums by filling out a form, below. Here's how it works.

When your payment is transferred: On the 1st or 10th day of the month, we will automatically debit the checking or savings account that you name on the form. You will no longer get a bill by mail each month.

To set up EFT premium payments: Send us an EFT request form by the 25th day of the month. Automatic premium payments will start on the first of the upcoming month.

To cancel EFT premium payments: We need 30 days advance notice. Send your notice to: Priority Health, MS 1190, 1231 East Beltline NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525.

Note: We charge $30.00 each time a transfer is not completed due to insufficient funds in your bank account.

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Automatic Bill Payment Form - online
Type in your information, print for your records, and click Submit. It will automatically send to Priority Health.

Automatic Bill Payment Form (72KB PDF) - paper form
Type in your information, print and mail it to us.