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Had a recent life change that affected your health insurance? We can help.

Whether you're losing health insurance because of job loss or divorce, getting married or retiring early, you may qualify for a "special enrollment." Our plans are designed to give you the best overall value in Michigan.

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MyPriority® plans

No matter which plan type you pick, you don't need a referral from your primary doctor or us to see a specialist in your network.


Generally the lowest cost monthly premiums. You need to see an in-network doctor unless it's an emergency or you get prior approval.

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Affordability of HMO premiums, but you can see doctors in & out of our network. Out-of-network services cost more than in-network.

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See doctors in and out of our network, generally highest cost monthly premiums. Out of network you'll pay more.

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NEW for Priority Health members!

PriorityRewards lets you shop for health care (like lab work, surgeries, etc.) and get rewarded for choosing low-cost, high-quality care.

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MyPriority plans include:

  • Doctor visits - including urgent care and specialist
  • Virtual visits - see a doctor 24/7 via phone or online
  • No referral needed to see a specialist - you decide who to see
  • Prescriptions
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Last modified: 10/1/2015
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