State of Michigan employee & early retiree plans

Here's a table summarizing our plan benefits. See the Summary of Benefits and Coverage documents below for more details.

2016-17 plans

2017-18 benefits for both active employees & early retirees
Deductible $125/member
Out-of-pocket maximum $2,000/member
Preventive care
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Hospital care 100% coverage, after deductible
Office care $20 copayment
ER (emergency) $200 copayment (waived if admitted)
Urgent care $20 copayment
Ambulance 100% coverage, after deductible
  • Generic: $10 copayment
  • Preferred brand: $30 copayment
  • Non-preferred brand: $60 copayment
  • Mail order (90-day supply): 2 copayments  


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