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Use the Cost Estimator tool before you receive care, get rewarded

Health care costs aren't always clear, but with our Cost Estimator you don't have to brace yourself for the bill. Costs for hundreds of services, and now prescriptions, are available to you whether you need to schedule a doctor's visit, head to the pharmacy, or plan for a surgery.

We even went a step further and centered Cost Estimator completely around you, giving your cost based on your specific health plan. This way you can make decisions with you and your budget in mind. Plus, when you choose to receive care from a lower-cost, high-quality facility, we'll send you a Visa® rewards card ranging from $50 - $200. 

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See a doctor 24/7, for only $10

Starting Oct. 6, 2019, virtual care will be covered for just $10 per visit*. With virtual care you can skip the waiting room and see a doctor for non-emergent conditions like sore throat, cold, cough, flu and more right from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. 

*Applies to all plans with the exception of MSPTA, bargaining until T01.

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Break a sweat - without breaking the bank, with Active&Fit DirectTM

Ready to get moving? It's easier than ever with the Active&Fit Direct program, which allows you to choose from 9,000+ participating fitness centers nationwide for $25 a month (plus a $25 enrollment fee).

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