Tips to lower your pharmacy costs

We've all been there. You go to fill a prescription only to find the cost is more than you expected. Or you realize that multiple medications are eating up an increasingly larger share of your budget.

A number of factors impact your pharmacy costs: prescription type, the details of what's included and paid for under your health plan, and pharmacy location. The best thing you can do is educate yourself and talk to your pharmacist to learn about your options. Consider these money-saving tips to lower your out-of-pocket pharmacy costs.

Tip #1: Choose generic over brand-name drugs

Many brand name prescription drugs have a more affordable generic or store brand counterpart. These equivalents contain the same active ingredients and are essentially just as effective. If you're having a prescription filled for a brand name drug – check your health plan benefits to see if you have non-preferred options. If the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has an approved generic equivalent available, you should consider switching to a generic to save you money.

Ask your pharmacist if a generic brand is available for your prescription. You can make the switch and start saving right away.

Tip #2: Schedule an annual medication review

Just as your medical condition can change over the year, so can your medication needs. Priority Health members currently taking multiple medications have access to a program called Medication Therapy Management (MTM). This program connects you with a certified pharmacist for a comprehensive medication review. This annual one-on-one visit gives you the chance to discuss your medications and make any necessary changes. It can help you reduce your pharmacy costs and improve your overall health.

You pay $0 for the pharmacist to provide the following:

  • Education about how to get the best results from your medications
  • Information to address any concerns you have about your medications
  • Suggestions to help you save money at the pharmacy
  • A master list of all your medications, including over-the-counter drugs, you can share with your doctor during appointments

To get started with our MTM program, call the number on the back of your membership ID card for help finding a participating pharmacy near you.
Or, follow these steps online:

  • Log in to your MyHealth account
  • Click View Member Center
  • In the upper right-hand search box, search for "rx review"
  • Click Free medication reviews from pharmacists
  • Click Check the list of MTM pharmacies PDF to find a participating pharmacy near you

Note about specialty prescription drug coverage

As of Jan. 1, 2017, certain specialty medications will only be covered for Priority Health members if ordered through our online specialty pharmacy. You'll save money – paying only your plan copayment – and receive safe, prompt mail delivery of medications and supplies to manage your condition. Log in to your MyHealth account and learn more about ordering injectable drugs.