Introducing Joan Budden, newly appointed President & CEO of Priority Health

Thank you for choosing Priority Health to be a partner in your health. I am honored and humbled to lead an organization that is truly dedicated to the health of our members and the community.

With my 25 years of experience in the health care industry, I can assure you that what Priority Health offers to the community, employers and individuals like you is unique. Priority Health is unmatched in its ability to provide innovative benefits and programs to keep our members healthy and make sure they get the care they need when they need it.

It's for that reason that over the last few years, Priority Health has become one of the fastest growing health plans in Michigan and received national recognition for the quality of care and service we provide. We now serve more than 730,000 people across Michigan with benefit plans for employers, people who buy coverage themselves, Medicaid members, Healthy Michigan Plan enrollees and Medicare Advantage and Medigap members.

I fully expect Priority Health to continue to grow in the coming year. Time and time again, when individuals have a choice in their health care coverage they choose Priority Health.

My promise to you is that under my leadership, Priority Health will continue its commitment to improve the health and lives of the people we serve. In the coming year, I look forward to demonstrating for you, our valued member, why Priority Health represents a healthier approach to health care.


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President & CEO
Priority Health