HealthbyChoice Motivations

Completing requirements

You and your spouse (if applicable) must meet two requirements: Complete the online health assessment and meet criteria for five health indicators.

Complete the online health assessment

  • You and your spouse, if applicable, must complete the health assessment.
  • You can easily identify health issues you need to work on and receive recommendations for improving your health.
  • You can update your health assessment at any time to track your progress toward health goals and wellness criteria.
  • Your health assessment information and results are confidential and will not be shared.

Meet criteria for five health indicators

You and your spouse, if applicable, must ask your doctor to complete the HealthbyChoice Motivations qualification form to indicate you've met criteria for five health indicators:

  • Tobacco use: Must be tobacco free including e-cigarettes
  • Body mass index (BMI): Must be under 30 OR waist circumference must be under 41 inches (men)/ 35 inches (women)
  • Blood pressure: Must be under 140/90 or under 150/90 for those 60 years of age or older
  • Cholesterol: LDL must be under 190 or under 100, based on risk factor*
  • Blood sugar: For participants with diabetes, HbA1c number must be lower than 7%. For participants with heart disease, fasting blood sugar must be lower than 126.
  • If you or your spouse fails to meet one or more of the criteria, you can still pass after you or your spouse completes a Priority Health coaching program.

*Health criteria are established by our industry-leading team of physicians using evidence-based medical guidelines