HealthbyChoice Motivations

Choose HealthbyChoice® Motivations when:

  • Your goal is to raise awareness of healthy behaviors and motivate employees to get engaged in their health
  • You want to choose and administer the program rewards
  • You want to reward employees for participation, or raise the bar by only rewarding outcomes

Motivate your employees to focus on wellness

HealthbyChoice Motivations helps you reduce your health care costs by raising awareness of healthy behaviors and motivating employees to get engaged in their health. After all, healthy employees are more productive employees.

And because HealthbyChoice Motivations can be combined with any Priority Health plan, and pairs perfectly with employees' health savings accounts (HSAs), you have the flexibility to create a rewards program that accommodates their readiness for workplace wellness.

HealthbyChoice Motivations features & advantages

  • Tailor wellness rewards to fit your employees' and company's goals to boost employee motivation and reap the rewards of a healthier workforce.
  • You have the flexibility to:
    • Identify who participates (employee or employee and their covered spouse, if applicable)
    • Determine the length of the qualification period (we suggest 90 days)
    • Set the program rewards (e.g., cash, premium contribution, HSA contribution)
  • Available for groups with 100+ eligible employees
  • Online, real-time HealthbyChoice status tracking through each employees' Member Center gives them control over their health.
  • Add it to any health plan