Champion stories

Every Champion has a story. Read about their personal journeys, what keeps them active and why they decided to become Champions.

Priority Health Champion Joe Martin

Featured Champion: Amy Larson

For Priority Health Champion Amy Larson, volunteering at a 5K was the pivotal moment she needed to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

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Champion Spotlight Joe Martin

Joe Martin

For Priority Health Champion and dad Joe Martin, a healthier lifestyle wasn't just about losing weight and getting fit—it was also about setting an example for his three kids.

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Priority Health Champion Gabriella Dyer

Gabriella Dyer 

Gabriella started running to lose weight, but she continues for the health and wellness benefits.

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Priority Health Champion Teressa Farough

Teressa Farough 

Teressa shares her story about overcoming her diagnosis of heart disease through a new-found passion for Zumba.

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Priority Health Champions Heather, Dayna, Sarah

Heather, Dayna and Sarah

Three close friends whose health and wellness journey with Champions has strengthened their relationship.

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Priority Health Champion Ann Vidro

Ann Vidro 

Ann is not only an avid triathlete but also acts as director of the Priority Health Champions program.

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Priority Health Champion Stephanie Festian

Stephanie Festian 

Stephanie shares her story about pursuing running events with a heart condition.

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