About Priority Health Champions

Priority Health Champions are a team of virtually-connected individuals from across the state who are committed to working on personal health goals and an active lifestyle. Champions come together, online and in person, to share stories, inspire others in their health journeys and cheer each other on. Stay connected with other Champions by posting everyday triumphs in our private Facebook group. Spot other Champions in real life by looking for the green Priority Health shirts at races, yoga, class, the gym and around your neighborhood.

Get rewarded with t-shirts, jackets, accessories, water bottles and more through our points system by being active, sharing your journey and representing Priority Health in your community. Champions receive tons of perks, like free workshops and discount codes to races sponsored by Priority Health. We even reimburse you for race entry fees up to $75 a year.

You don't need to be a Priority Health member to be a Champion – anyone in Michigan can join. Even kids under 18 can join when you sign up, so the whole family can get involved and stay healthy.

How it works

  • Checklist

    Sign up for the program (it's free).

  • Speech bubbles

    Receive your acceptance email and join our private Facebook group to connect with more than 700 other Champions.

  • T-shirt with medal

    Order your free t-shirt and start wearing it to earn points faster.

  • Grid

    Log your activity in a spreadsheet and turn it in at the end of the year to receive promo codes for the Champions store.

  • Envelope with @ symbol

    Receive monthly emails from Priority Health with discount codes to events, opportunities to volunteer, helpful articles and information about quarterly workshops.

  • Three people

    Be part of a team that shares ideas, celebrates with you and connects you to people who share your interests in health and wellness.