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When you look at health care, can you really see what's going on?

We believe in being transparent. That's why we share information about costs, coverage and quality of care. Because helping members make informed decisions is a healthier approach to health care.

Cost Estimator

Want to know your health care costs before receiving the bill?

Most people would never make a major purchase without first researching the price. Yet every day, people seek health care services without knowing the actual cost of those services.

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costs prices

Patients who shop around save on medical expenses, study shows

You would never buy a car without knowing the price, quality and a slew of other information important to you; yet every day, we seek health care services without knowing the impact to our bottom line.

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cost differences research

Why location dictates the costs of your health procedure

The cost for the same health procedure can vary by more than 400 percent. The driving force behind that variation? Location. But why is that?

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video thumbnail Cost Estimator

Cost Estimator

A look at Priority Health's new price transparency tool. With the Cost Estimator, Priority Health members can look up various health procedures and know their out-of-pocket expenses for that procedure using real-time information about their deductible and co-insurance.

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video thumbnail Healthcare Bluebook

Healthcare Bluebook

Priority Health has teamed up with Healthcare Bluebook to become the first Michigan-based health plan to offer members a comparison shopping tool to review prices, compare quality and read consumer reviews.

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video thumbnail health care engagement

Creating health care engagement

Our nation is more unhealthy than ever. We're trying to turn that around at Priority Health with a few innovative initiatives.

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Last modified: 5/26/2015
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