Coordination of benefits with other insurance

If you have another health plan, you can't enroll in a MyPriority plan. For example, if you have coverage through your spouse's health plan, Medicare or Medicaid, you can't enroll in MyPriority plans. The benefits your plan pays aren't intended to duplicate any "no-fault" benefits you might have.

Under your MyPriority plan agreement:

  • Your benefits can't be doubled up with any other benefits you may have.
  • If we cover a service that's also covered by a no-fault program, then any claims your no-fault insurance pays must be paid to us. 
  • We'll reduce the allowed amount we would pay for your claims by the amount of the no-fault benefits.

Fill out and send us any documents we ask for to make sure we receive payment from other coverage you have.

Coordinating with Medicare

In all cases, coordination of benefits with Medicare will conform with Federal laws and regulations and with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines for coordination of benefits.