Reporting rashes that might be linked to Flint water

In response to reports from multiple health care providers and members of the public, on January 29, 2016, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) launched an investigation to characterize reported rashes possibly associated with Flint municipal water exposure.

Health care providers can assist in this effort to better characterize rashes that have a possible association with Flint water exposure.

Reporting process

Individuals meeting the rash criteria below may be reported to MDHHS, where they will be interviewed and offered referrals for dermatology screening and EPA home water testing.

  1. Rash is not reportable in the State of Michigan, so first ask individuals if they would be agreeable to follow-up contact by the MDHHS.
  2. If they agree, call MDHHS directly at 800.648.6942 to report the patient's contact information.

Criteria for reporting to MDHHS

  • Patient's residence (or other significant exposure location) is supplied with Flint city water  
  • Current rash identifiable by exam, with onset on or after October 16, 2015, OR existing rash with a period of obvious worsening on or after October 16, 2015 
  • No alternative medical diagnosis that is clearly unrelated to water exposure

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Last modified: 3/18/2016
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