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Do you qualify for savings on health insurance? Find out now.

If you're shopping for health insurance, you may qualify for a discount on your monthly premium to make health insurance more affordable.
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What can you expect to pay for health insurance? Remember true cost matters.

When shopping directly for individual health insurance, it's important to remember that the true cost of what you pay matters.

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Drive a few miles, save a few thousand dollars

Prices of health care services vary. With access to reliable information on the cost and quality of a health care procedure, you can make smarter choices.

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Will individual health insurance cost more in 2014?

A lot of people are asking if health insurance will cost more in 2014. It all depends on the individual buyer. Find out why.
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Save when filling prescriptions with a high deductible health plan

Members with a high deductible health plan can save money when they fill prescriptions with Priority Health

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5 things to consider when shopping for health insurance on the exchange

What will your "actual" costs be? What kind of access do you want? What kind of prescription coverage do you need? Get answers to these questions and more.

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If you need health insurance right away, now is the time to buy!

If you're worried about costs and need health insurance coverage right away, today is a good time to apply.
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Shop a little. Save a lot.

The amount you pay for health care services may depend on where you have them done. Our Healthcare Blue Book tool lets you compare prices and quality.

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Get the health care reform facts: Obama health care plan explained

You're probably heard a lot of talk about President Obama's heath care plan and what's being called the individual mandate. But what does it all really mean for you?
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How to take full advantage of your health insurance benefits

You've tackled the confusing process of buying affordable individual health insurance for you and your family. Now what?
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5 things to know about health insurance costs

Let's face it. Figuring out the cost of health insurance can be confusing – even for those of us who work here!
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Why buy an insurance plan with a health savings account (HSA)?

As you're exploring your individual health insurance options, you may come across plans that include an HSA (health savings account). We know HSA plans can be confusing so we're here to help you understand how they work.
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Learn how health insurance reform will work for you

Looking for easy-to-understand information about how health insurance reform impacts you? 
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Looking for low cost individual health insurance?

A lot of shoppers say they want "cheap individual health insurance," but experts will tell you cost is just one factor to consider. Find out how to be an informed shopper.

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Top 10 reasons to choose Priority Health

Why should you choose Priority Health?
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